Nela - Apartment in Korčula

Korčula city walls


Beautiful island of Korčula was allegedly named after the heroine of Greek mythology Kerkyra, who came to live on the island on decision of sea god Poseidon. Korčula was also the home of Marco Polo, famous world explorer. Take a walk around Korčula and see the historic heritage in famous knight game called Moreška where the knights in red and black costumes fight over the affection of a lady.

Korčula also reclines in a mellow Mediterranean climate and boasts a coastline punctuated with pebble beaches, attractive bays and secluded coves. Architecturally the island bears the unmistakeable stamp of the Venetian Republic, most notably in Korčula Town, which dominated local life for eight centuries. Visiting Korčula it is easy to understand why so many people rank it as their favourite Croatian island. No small achievement when you consider that the country boasts more than a thousand islands and islets. You will find yourself in another time altogether.

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